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Window Styles

Griffin Roofing & Construction GIVES YOU A CHOICE OF WINDOW STYLES. 

Charlotte, NC roofing experts

Griffin Roofing & Construction offers a wide variety of window sizes, shapes and styles to provide you with many choices when it comes to home d├ęcor. We have a style to fit your home’s decor and your Charlotte, NC windows budget.

Double Hung/Single Hung

  • Sashes slide vertically
  • In a single hung window, only the bottom sash moves
  • Screens can be exterior or interior


  • Hinges are located on one side
  • Low air leakage rates due to tighter seal

Bay Window

  • Combination of three or more lights
  • Center made of one or more windows parallel with wall
  • Outer windows are angled back toward wall

Bow Window

  • Similar to bay window but with additional lights
  • Panels radiate out to form semi-circle


  • Similar to single/double hung windows, but turned on their side
  • Either one or both sashes move by sliding horizontally


  • Similar to casement windows but hinged at top
  • Open outward


  • Large, single center panel, flat
  • Optional side lights

Garden Window

  • “Box” style window that extends outside exterior walls
  • Most common in kitchen area

Trust the Charlotte, NC Replacement Window Professionals!

The replacement window experts at Griffin Roofing & Construction are ready to help you reduce energy costs and make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Contact us for a free estimate today by calling 866-916-6066 or completing our on-line quote request form.