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The Best in Charlotte Roof Repair

Your roof plays a number of different roles in your home’s overall function. It offers protection from the elements while also assisting in keeping energy from escaping, thus minimizing your overall energy expenditures. It literally serves as a veritable shield for your protection. A crack in that shield can lead to a number of problems with untold consequences.

Not to worry; Griffin Roofing is here to help. We offer the best service in roof repair in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional roofing experts has over 40 years of combined experience in assessing and addressing roof repair needs. While there are a number of other Charlotte roofing companies, none is prepared to offer you the same level of service that we do.

Know the Warning Signs

Ignoring the telltale warning signs of damage to your roof can be disastrous. Those signs can include:

  • Leaks: If you’re seeing bubbling in paint producing moisture or leaks in your ceiling or walls, call us right away. Water seeping through your roofing material can lead to extensive water damage.
  • Missing roofing tiles or shingles: After a wind or rain storm, check around your home for any tiles or shingles that may have fallen off. If any are found, that means that the roofing material they protected is now exposed.
  • Cooler/warmer temperatures upstairs: if energy is escaping from your home, it can be felt by a difference in temperature between the upper and main levels.

It’s Never Too Late

While these warning signs signal the potential for large problems, identifying and caring for them early can keep repair costs low. Feel free to call us anytime during regular business hours, and we will get out to you at your earliest convenience. Typically, we can identify the issue on the first visit, and rapidly develop a plan to fix it.

Talk to the Experts

Don’t ignore your roofing problems any longer. Save yourself the hassle of greater problems down the road by having the best Charlotte roof repair company come and fix your minor roofing issues today. We at Griffin Roofing are that company, and are ready to be your trusted source for roof repair. Call us at 866-916-6066 to have one of our experts come assess and address your roofing problems today.