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Your Best Source for Siding in Charlotte NC

SurefireSelect_VinylSiding_ImageWhen it comes to sprucing up a home’s exterior, many people get nervous about the thought of having to work with multiple different companies and contractors. One may want to address multiple areas of concern while not wanting to have to worry about coordinating each job with a different party. In such as case, wouldn’t it be nice of there was one source that homeowners could rely on to address all of those needs?

Your One-Stop Home Exterior Solution

We at Griffin Roofing are that source, as we’re not only the best Charlotte roofing contractor, but also your best source for siding in Charlotte NC. When putting a new roof on a home, many people also choose to add new siding in order to both replace the older materials and to give the home a vibrant new look and feel. At Griffin, our team of contractors is equipped and trained to handle both jobs, effectively making us your “one-stop-shop” for your home’s exterior upgrade.

Why Replace Your Current Siding?

Many people often wonder why they should consider replacing the siding on their homes if the current siding isn’t already falling off or being eaten away by fungus. The truth is that there are a number of both aesthetic and financial benefits to getting new siding:

  • Energy savings: As we all scramble to make our homes more energy efficient, replacing the siding if often overlooked. New high quality siding products are designed to add an insulating layer to your home that has been shown to reduce energy costs by up to 20%.
  • Increase resale value: Reinvigorating your home’s exterior with a new layer of siding will help to increase its overall resale value. Even if you’re not looking to immediately sell your home, newer high quality siding products are designed to maintain their look and shape for years, meaning that if it ever does come time to sell, you’ll still reap the benefits of the decision to upgrade the siding.
  • Upgrade appearance: Beyond any financial incentives, you ultimately want to be happy with the look of your home. New siding can transform a bland, dreary looking house into a vibrant, colorful new residence.

Take Advantage of Our Variety of Services

Take this opportunity to renew your pride in your home by outfitting it with new siding with Griffin Roofing. Beyond Charlotte roof repair, we’re your #1 source for all of your home’s exterior needs. Take advantage of our variety of service in your next home exterior project. Call us today at 866-916-6066 to see what we can do for you.