According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 30% of energy is lost through old inefficient windows. To help local North and South Carolina homeowners save money, Griffin Roofing & Construction offers high-quality windows that provides maximum energy efficiency, protection from the elements, and indoor comfort for years.


With our window replacement service, you can get rid of your old windows to experience these benefits:

Energy Savings. Our windows combine modern materials to ensure optimum energy savings. The thermal glass comes with a specially formulated inert gas mixture that eliminates heat transfer through the window. The frame is also an insulator, keeping your home weathertight all year long.

Easy maintenance. Our windows tilt in so you can easily clean them both inside and out. The frames are also made from durable materials, so you won’t have to scrape or paint them. They retain their color, shape, and strength after years of exposure to different elements.

Added curb appeal. At Griffin Roofing & Construction, you can choose from several window styles that fit your aesthetic needs. From operable to large fixed windows, we can install them for you.


When looking for window replacement, it’s important look for the NFRC label. This is a program established by the U.S. Department of Energy to help homeowners choose an efficient window. Here are some tips when looking at the NFRC label:

1. Look for a low U-value rating. This indicates the rate of heat flow through your window.

2. A higher R-value means the glass is good at insulating your home.

3. To reduce solar heat, look for a window with low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

4. For daylighting, a higher Visible Transmittance value means more light is transmitted through the window.

5. Air Leakage rates how much air passes through the window, indicating heat loss and gain. Make sure you look for a low AL rating.

6. For windows that resist condensation formation, look for a high Condensation Resistance rating.


With our various home improvement services, Griffin Roofing & Construction helps create better, safer, more comfortable, and lovelier homes. For your next window replacement in Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas, call us today at (704) 769-0472 for a free estimate. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an in-home consultation.

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